Lesbian Peoples: Materials for a Dictionary, Monique Wittig and Sande Zeig. 1979.


george platt lynes


george platt lynes


“The Harems of ‘Muscle Beach’”

On the QT, July 1962

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Cozyest sauna in LA

I’m a drinker with writing problems.
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Brother Anselm to Dom Gilbert, brother, friend, beloved lover…sweet to me, sweetest friend, are the gifts of your sweetness, but they cannot begin to console my desolate heart for its want of your love. Even if you sent every scent of perfume, every glitter of metal, every precious gem, every texture of cloth, still it could not make up to my soul for this separation unless it returned the separated other half.

The anguish of my heart just thinking about this bears witness, as do the tears dimming my eyes and wetting my face and the fingers writing this.

You recognized, as I do now, my love for you, but I did not. Our separation from each other has shown me how much I loved you; a man does not in fact have knowledge of good and evil unless he has experienced both. Not having experienced your absence, I did not realize how sweet it was to be with you and how bitter to be without you.

Epistle 1.75 from the Patrologia Latina, attributed to Saint Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109), a Benedictine monk, philosopher, and prelate of the church. (via homosexualityandcivilization)

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Derek Jarman by Terry O’Neil, 1980s.


Painting Myself Into a Corner by Keith Haring, 1979 

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A cracking read, even if The Four-Leaf Clover dress of 1953 is all your eyes have time to take in.


Quentin Crisp on the New York Subway by Peter Hujar, 1982

There is so much wrong and yet so much right with this…

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