Harald Kreutzberg at his first public appearance after the war, Munich, 1945

photos by Herbert List

Pawlos, Greece, 1937

photo by Herbert List

George Platt Lynes, 1935

photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Clyde Fitch, 1903

Jane and Paul Bowles with Paul’s cousin Oliver Smith

photo by Irving Penn


Ramon Novarro in Private Theater, 1932

Mary Margaret McBride interviews Peggy Webster and Eva Le Gallienne- it’s a triumvirate of gay!

photo from Eva Le Gallienne: A Biography

Sarah Bernhardt in Le passant, 1869

Harrison Thomson and Rudy Richards in the dressing room, 1948

photo by Carl Van Vechten

(via alcohols)

She dared enter a lesbian world!

She dared enter a lesbian world!



George Platt-Lynes, Victor Kraft, 1938