• How different men are from women… I shall never understand them.”
  • "I thought [Norman] Mailer’s review of [Mary] McCarthy’s [The] Group was pretty revolting in its pomposity and scabrous point of view. He is a fine one to be shocked by sexual realism. He, who realistically stabbed his wife’s abdomen.”
  • "It is strange to be a woman and so little part of the male rule of the world."
  • "How wicked the male instinct is for conquest, beginning first with a wife, then your neighboring country…"
  • "Monarchy is a form of phallic worship which sickens the mind and eye when one sees it in its clear shape…"
  • "Again it brings too vividly my hatred of what males have done with the masculine foundation of Christian faith, turned it into two sexual repositories in which morality lies…" [In replying to her lover’s report of a friend’s ill treatment in church]
  • "Germany is like a big male that has been finally knocked down, his ugly face bleeding while he whines." [on the end of WWII]
  • "I shall laugh or slap the next man I ever hear mention women being jealous. The evidence of rank, cruel active jealousy, stiffened by ambition, that I see in the army is as much more fierce and active and general as a man’s strength is greater than a woman’s, than any woman’s jealousies I ever saw or heard of. After all, theirs is usually sexual or domestic; men’s is big-time, as they say with relish about all they touch. I am tired of talking on the male level. I am tired of their levels, which are indeed all flat, some being higher than others, but all platitudinous."
  • "I wonder what life would be like without any males at all? Quieter, sillier, but not crazier…"


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